In order to bring you the fresh (and free) daily style content you rely on, our compensation comes from select advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate relationships and special advertorial guides. Unless marked as a “sponsored” post, we only write about things we love, obsess over, crave and/or covet – and think you will too. Accordingly, writing about products we love is a purely subjective endeavor, so we can’t guarantee you’ll feel the same if you decide to purchase something we feature. If you happen to disagree (or agree) with us, feel free to voice your opinion in our comments sections, we encourage it!

Affiliate Relationships

Sixated maintains an affiliate relationship with many of the brands, sites and products featured on this site. Many of the links contained on this site are contextual affiliate marketing links. Much like a sales associate at your favorite local boutique, we may receive a (very) small commission if you choose to buy something from the featured e-tailer. Regardless of whether an affiliate relationship exists or not, we only feature products that we truly love that are selected editorially based on our honest opinions and/or experiences (see paragraph 1 above).

Advertising Relationships

Like most online publications, we accept paid display advertising, both directly and through 3rd party ad networks like Glam.com and Google AdSense. Since the majority of the ads are selected based on our content and to appeal to our demographics, there is a good chance that many of the brands, products or sites we feature editorially have at one time been, or are currently, an advertiser. This is a common practice in the online industry and in your favorite fashion magazines. However, at no time will a past or present advertising relationship affect the content, topics or opinions in our editorial features (see paragraph 1 above).

Custom Editorials, Sponsored Posts and Special Advertorial Features

We occasionally include custom editorial content which is paid for by advertisers and written by our editors. All custom editorials that recommend a product, brand or site are clearly disclosed as being “custom editorial” or “sponsored”.

Some sponsored posts may include an advertisement or “sponsored by” logo without any effect on the content. The content is not recommending the product, store, or item in the advertisement/logo. Such posts may or may not be labeled as sponsored.

We currently publish two special features that contain both sponsored (paid for) and editorial (not paid for) content. These sections are Designers on the Rise and our Huge Holiday Gift Guide. (Interested in advertising? Contact info at sixated dot com)

Product Reviews

A brand, merchant or public relations firm will often send us a product to test and review. This is especially true when it comes to beauty products since a first hand experience with the product is usually necessary to write a review. We only review products we truly like and include a disclosure that the product was sent to us free for review. Beauty products and cosmetics are not typically sent back after reviewing, mostly because that’s gross, but also because they are not expected to be sent back and we do not have the funds to do so. We ask that non-disposable products be sent to us with a return mailing label and postage so that we may return the sample when we are finished reviewing it.

Twitter / Facebook

We often promote and link to content on our site from our Twitter and Facebook pages. Occasionally, this includes links to sponsored content, custom editorials and advertorials appearing on our site. Since the landing page on our site  contains the proper disclosures, we will not include disclosures as part of the Twitter or Facebook entry.

Only when the link points to a site other than ours as part of a promotion/sponsorship, or if the link itself is an affiliate link, will a disclosure appear as part of the Twitter or Facebook entry. Examples of these disclosures include [AFF] [PROMO] and [SPNSR]

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